Kate Gomes is a self portrait photographer in Klamath Falls Oregon

Ready to branch out and help you

Healing through capturing a different perspective

Hi, I’m Kate. I’ve always had an intense pull towards photography. It’s soul fueling for me to be able to capture and have a representation of a moment in time. I’ve taken a plethora of pictures of nature, pets, and loved ones. Recent experiences have shown me how important pictures or ourselves and others can really can be.

I bought myself a Canon camera in 2017 and have found a deep satisfaction in using self portrait photography to express my feelings. It’s been a therapeutic art form that helps me see myself in different brighter lights. To view myself in artistic creation even when while experiencing something heavy in my life has done so much good for my mental health in the years.

Having the right help along the way has set me up with the tools, experience and space to put my energy into this dream of photography.

I feel drawn to help others capture memories, moments and feelings in their lives. I’m currently just opening this door and am willing to help with multiple kinds of shoots

Self Care Creative Shoots

Professional Portraits

Family Portraits

Small Event Photography

Product Photography

If you have an idea, let’s talk about it.


A Feeling In 2020

My Goal is To

Create, Capture Moments and Inspire Healing Visual Experiences