Artists United With Vibrational Intention

Multimedia Creative Studio


We are a couple in Southern Oregon.

Our goal is to create for ourselves and others.

We specialize in Music & Photography

With interests in Graphic Design, Animation, Event Additions

If we can help make something for you


If you’re an artist and would like to collaborate

Contact Us

Music with Damian

Damian Roman has been crafting with sound in phenomenal ways for a majority of his life. Currently releasing some of his music through

Lucid Slip



with more ideas and sounds on the way

Happy to help you bring your musical ideas to life

Recording . Mixing . Mastering . Producing

Ghost Writing

Feedback and assistance with your musical work

Westcoast DJ

Photography with Kate

Kate Gomes has always loved taking photos but found so much healing through self portrait photography in these last five years.

With the experience of bringing a handful of her ideas to life she’s ready to help others be seen through a different lens and create.

Excited to capture moments that matter in our lives and co-create with you.