Damian Roman

Born in Puerto Rico, he has always had a taste for hip-hop and dance music. Picking up piano, drums, and guitar at a young age influenced his passion for music production. With over a decade of musical experience in multiple bands and aliases of different genres, he’s been fine tuning his sounds and is ready to help you create yours.

How can he help you bring your musical ideas to life?

Recording . Mixing . Mastering . Producing


Ghost Writing

Original songs crafted for whatever your creative ideas need

Feedback and assistance with your musical work

Westcoast DJ

Free Consultations


Lucid Slip

A project that started in 2017, Lucid Slip has ever since been ironing down his styles with bouncy beats, menacing basslines, and dark, ethereal atmospheres.


Needing space for softer sounds and bright dance vibes, music started being released through Miouxie in 2020.

“Where the hustle flows, the rhythm is heard, and the beats are fantastic”